Our President, Yves Marleau, will be speaking on November 14th, 2016 at the annual ARMA IM Days Conference in Ottawa, ON. He will be giving a presentation titled: Breaking the mold: Governance of information beyond the "record."

Up until now the concepts of file plans, folders, file parts and cutoffs have imposed constraints on how electronic information is organized and managed. The vocabulary of the paper records center is no longer relevant in a digital-first organization.

In this session Mr. Marleau will be looking at new approaches and emerging concepts that can help build a sustainable integrated Information Governance environment focused on enabling organizations to get their work done.

Some of the concepts that will be discussed are: automatic calculation of information value, integrated rules engine for IM, RM, security and compliance as well as Integration of structured, unstructured and tacit information.

We hope you can join us. For more information, please visit the online agenda for the Ottawa ARMA IM Days Conference.