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The ability for businesses to manage information is more challenging than ever.  The amount of information is increasing daily alongside a regulatory environment that becomes progressively complex. Organizations require an approach to Information Governance that is integrated and properly aligned with their operational needs. Formal policies, procedures, and strategies are required to maximize the value of the information, increase revenues and productivity, while minimizing legal and compliance risks.

Cogniva's C3 IG Suite: Proactive
Information Governance

Although enterprises can better understand and embrace effective Information Governance, they often struggle with the transition from strategy to execution.  The difficulty resides in transforming policies and strategies to actionable information governance.  To successfully implement this type of IG strategy, the organization requires a methodological and technical
solution that enforces compliance while removing the burden from end users. 


Cogniva’s vision is for organizations of all sizes - including the public and private sectors - to be able to reduce costs, optimize performance and increase regulatory compliance with a user-friendly solution.

A holistic strategy for using and managing information to meet business objectives.  Information governance assures the quality of content and data, maximizes its value, and ensures that security, privacy, and life-cycle requirements are met.

Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst IM/ECM



Organizational Benefits of Information Governance

C3's virtual metadata layer can tag unstructured and structured information as well as tacit knowledge in an organization.

Complete Information Governance is Here.

The ability to evolve: In implementing an information governance program, each company has differing requirements and entry points. The advantage of Cogniva’s C3 Software is that it allows companies to start incrementally while at the same time providing a comprehensive package for total information governance implementation. Each stage of the Cogniva C3 Suite roll out is scalable by adding specific components in response to the growing requirements of the business.

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