How Cogniva's C3 Can Enhance the Uptake of GCDOCS


GCDOCS provides an ecosystem that combines technology and common information management (IM) elements in an effort to help achieve proper information governance.

GCDOCS is based on the OPEN TEXT Content Server, which is recognized as an industry leading, proven enterprise content management (ECM) platform. ECM implementations are extremely complex projects and frequently encounter numerous obstacles.

Many government departments are facing challenges in the implementation of GCDOCS including user adoption and the administration of folders, metadata, permissions and RSI’s. Cogniva’s C3 Software is gaining significant traction in government departments by helping overcome user objections and by simplifying GCDOCS administration.

Unlock GCDOCS full potential

The seamless addition of C3 Software into the GCDOCS environment will help resolve the current implementation challenges and ultimately unlock its full information governance capabilities.

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