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Cogniva developed the C3 Enterprise Suite of software tools, that provide a simple and easy to use metadata tagging and classification process for users, which at the same time enforces compliance with organizational policies. Cogniva's patented solution automatically assigns metadata and compliance rules to information, irrespective of the language the document is written in. By unifying traditional information management standards and tools into one consistent framework, C3 simplifies information management tasks for users and improves the management and implementation of Information Governance policies.


Cogniva has also expended considerable time and effort in integrating multiple approaches from artificial intelligence into its autoclassification offering. These include rules based pattern matching, a multilingual thesaurus for word and phrase scoring and an ontology based algorithm for encoding domain knowledge for autoclassification. This development work will help simplify the deep learning algorithms to remove some of the challenges and overhead for deep learning for the data and business analyst.

Vision : Information Governance with
no user involvement.

Building on over 25 years of experience in the information management field, Cogniva has a rich history of innovation and growth as an industry leader.

Our team includes leading experts in cognitive science, business semantics, linguistics and information science. This diverse knowledge base provides us with a unique approach to the challenges and issues posed by today’s ever-evolving information economy.

Cogniva currently has sales and development locations in the North America and Europe.

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