Semantically Driven Metadata for an Automated Approach to Information Governance

C3 is a virtual metadata layer that sits on top of a variety of systems such as SharePoint, Microsoft Office, shared drives, Content Server, & Documentum.


Our software leverages your organization’s information architecture by creating metadata that describes both the subject and context of each piece of information that exists. Regardless of the type or format of the information, in the form of emails, word documents or a physical box of files, this layer describes the subject of the information object and what it is linked to, making the information autonomous.  Because the information objects are self-describing, metadata is not lost when moved from one system to another.

C3 drives all of your metadata intelligently to drive your information governance.  With its ability to connect to nearly any software you are already using in house, the C3 IG Suite is your solution for organization, compliance, and monitoring.

The C3 Suite provides a consistent structure for managing and organizing corporate metadata.


Organize with C3

Let us help your organization conquer information chaos with intelligent information governance.

  • Classify your content automatically and semi-automatically with meaningful metadata.

  • Link information objects with knowledge representation of business context, processes, & concepts.

  • Increase employee productivity. Reduce wasteful duplication of effort.  Employees can access relevant information quickly through an improved search experience.

  • Increase business agility through improved decision making.


Comply with C3

Let us help your organization meet its internal and regulatory compliance requirements.


  • Achieve defensible compliance. Retention and disposition policies can be automated, ensuring compliance while freeing end-users from this time-consuming task.

  • Dramatically reduces the costs of discovery and litigation.

  • Ensure consistent application of information policies across the organization.


Monitor with C3

Let us help your organization understand the state of its information assets. 

  • Quality reporting. Providing business leaders with measurable, actionable insight into the current status of information that has been tagged using the C3 software.

  • Identify and address anomalies on tagged information such as when a department contains a large number of Top Secret information.

  • Justification – Visualize past and future benefits and savings from implementing information governance guidelines.

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